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Do you know? Quality photos can speak and connect directly with readers about the company's vision and mission. 

What are the Benefits of Annual Report Photos?

An annual report is an important form of accountability for the company. Through this report, it will be easier for the public to find out what has happened in the company in the last 1 year. Even more special, making an annual report cannot be arbitrary. It must be well-packaged, professional and informative with an attractive design. This is why you need to use an experienced annual report photo service. So that anyone who reads it can give a good assessment of your company.

Sooca Commercial Photography is here to be a solution for making a professional annual report.

With more than 10 years in the field of photography, we are ready to be the best annual report photography service partner for you. The annual report photo services that we offer include photography services for photos of directors, photos of commissioners or photos of other important company officials. In each project, we will provide a concept that suits your needs and desires. We provide various photography concepts for annual report needs. Starting from elegant concepts, and modern concepts, to memorable photo concepts.

How We Work


Start order and tell us the details you want

Specify project details by filling in a simple registration form and getting a special offer proposal.


Start a Photo Session

After going through the briefing and meeting stages, immediately schedule a photo session for your company’s annual report needs.


Working on the Editing Process

All photos go through a thorough editing process that includes minor tweaks and colour corrections.


Get the image files within 14 working days

After the image is finished editing, you will get a link to download and preview it first.

Our Portfolio

Take a closer look at some of the projects we've worked on:
jasa foto profile untuk annual report PT Melon Indonesia
Jasa foto profil ayoconnect
Foto Profil Annual Report PT Jasamarga Manado Belitung

Our Amazing Clients

Why Choose Soocaphoto​

We have the experience and professionalism to execute complex shoots

We can work closely with the marketing department to understand the company's branding

We strive to understand your company's vision and be able to execute it creatively

We use modern equipment and technology to produce the best images

We provide transparent pricing to suit businesses of all sizes

We provide you with image retouching services (Photoshop) if needed.

Our Advantages


We provide professional annual report photography services. The ability of experienced photographers is an added value to producing high-quality photos. We are ready to explore to provide captivating results. 

How to Order

Are you interested in getting an annual report photography service offer from SOOCAPHOTO? No need to worry, because the Sooca Commercial Photography Team will act fast and follow up on your order. Next, we will talk about more details. Everything that the Sooca photographer team does is a mutual agreement. Our team always tries their best to carry out the procedure and visualize your wishes as a client. 


The rates provided by Sooca Commercial Photography are quite affordable and flexible. The quality provided is certainly comparable to the price paid. Still in doubt? Relax, this rate can also be adjusted to your budget. 

“Annual reports are a great opportunity to project your corporate identity and are the main way to communicate company values and activities to your stakeholders, investors and loyal customers.”

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Most Frequent Questions and Answers
The average cost of annual report photography services ranges from 10 to 20 million. However, prices may vary depending on the scope of work and the number of photos to be taken.
Of course! Annual report photography isn’t just about taking pictures of employee, board of directors, or management— it’s also about telling a story and highlighting the strengths of your business.

Generally, we need 14 working days to complete one project. However, it can change according to the current workload.

When choosing an annual report photographer, it is important to consider the portfolio, experience and price offered. You should also ensure that they are a good fit for your project by studying testimonials from previous clients.
Yes, we accept minor revisions for minor fixes or colour changes to your preference.